The Custom Furniture Purchase Process

Obtaining an Estimate

What do you think it will cost?

Minimum order amounts

The Custom Furniture Purchase Process

  • Contact us with an idea through the website, via phone or direct email: Provide us as much information as you know. See Obtaining an Estimate for helpful tips.
  • We’ll discuss the project.
  • Austin Joinery will give you a FREE quote and concept drawing of your custom design.
  • A Sales Order is signed.
  • A deposit will be charged to your method of payment.
  • We design your idea in one of our CAD programs.
  • You approve the design.
  • Our craftsman will start to work on your vision. We’ll update you through the process.
  • When applicable, you will receive finish samples during the construction phase of your project.
  • When your project is built our craftsman applies the finish you selected to your project.
  • The remaining balances owed are paid when Austin Joinery completes building your idea.
  • Your purchase is ready for pick-up, delivery, install or shipment.

Obtaining an Estimate

Typically, initial discussions over the phone and via email ( will allow us to provide a written estimate within 1-2 business days. You will be prompted to provide much of what is written to follow by using the Custom Furniture Quote tab on the homepage of

  • Provide your name, contact information and zip code
  • Tell us if it is a single family house, town house or a high-rise installation location. What floor from street level?
  • Send photo(s) of your existing room, proposed area, or details of the furniture you want us to create that may help us more accurately quote your project. It can be a combination of ideas i.e. “I want a price for a custom console similar to the console in photo A, but 80″ long and with the doors like the ones in photo B, using wood and stain in photo C.”
  • List basic dimensions of the intended installation walls (wall width, wall height & depth of cabinets desired). Even for freestanding furniture it’s a good idea to provide us a picture of the space. Dealing with this stuff on a daily basis we tend to notice things you may not such as asking you follow up questions about light switches and outlets we notice in photos that may be obstructions.
  • Type of finish initially desired i.e paint, stain-grade wood. What kind of wood? No problem if you don’t know wood species. If possible, send us a picture of what you want the finish to look like or tell us something like “I want a grainy wood with a stained finish”. We will narrow down options from there or, simply send you a “menu” of prices for your project using different woods and finishes.
  • Provide a brief description of how you intend to use the space (tv area, home office, bookcases, dining, bedroom, kitchen, etc.).
  • List any dimensions of pertinent items you wish to display or hide (tv size, stereo equipment, speakers, pc equipment, toys, dinner plates, lighting requirements, and so on…
  • Reference or link any of our photos you found on the website or through social media.

We will respond to your request within 1 business day. Often sooner. We’ll respond by letting you know we received your request, asking follow up questions and telling you when we will have your quote complete. From the time we respond, on average, a quote for a custom project that does not require initial site measurements takes 1-2 business days. Sometimes it may take a little longer if an appointment to take site measurements is required.

If our estimate meets your budget range and you wish to proceed, we will provide you a Sales Order. You can expect the rest of the custom order process to generally follow the steps spelled out in the Custom Furniture Purchase Process (FAQ)

What do you think it will cost?

We get this all the time and our response is “I don’t know, but we can provide you a quote in a couple days”. 

Simply put: we don’t like to ballpark. Almost every project is unique. Really the only exception is for client’s contacting us to replicate a project we previously built. Even then there are often “tweaks” perspective clients envision that may affect the price. After literally building thousands of pieces of furniture we often under or over estimate when we are asked to guess. Also, what you envision as a “basic table” may be different from what we have in mind.

Over the years we have broken down furniture building into basic millwork procedures and developed pricing formulas for every millwork procedure that is required to build furniture ranging from a chair to a home library. We prefer to use those formulas to arrive at a fair price vice guess, then combine it with a draft sketch in the form of a written quote as a starting point for a sales order. You can then compare our quote against quotes from other shops you are considering. We can usually provide a written quote and sketch to you within 1-2 business days of contacting us or meeting to take site measurements.


Minimum order amounts

Listed below are minimum order fees for projects by type. Historically, we have found these amounts to be the minimum size project we can accept and still stay in business. There is always an exception to the rule, so it is best to simply contact us with your smaller project. If we can find a way to make your project in a financially viable manner we would appreciate your business. If we can’t, well, we still appreciate you considering us for the job.

Minimum order amounts are waived when projects are purchased at the same time to meet a minimum threshold of $600 for freestanding furniture or $1200 for built-in furniture. For example, clients frequently place an order for floating shelves in one room that would usually not meet the minimum threshold while ordering a desk or other piece of furniture intended for another room.

Custom Furniture $600 minimum order

We offer custom, made-to-order freestanding wood furniture of all types for both residential and commercial use of all types. Dining tables, gaming tables, consoles, sideboards, benches, desks are some of typical projects. Due to the added labor required to produce a custom piece of furniture some small projects are not financially viable; however, if you really want a truly unique one-of-a-kind jewelry box, humidor, single office chair, display case, etc… we can build it. If we can find a way to make your project in a financially viable manner we would appreciate your business. If we can’t, well, we still appreciate you considering us for the job.

Custom Built-in Furniture $1,200 minimum order

Banquettes, bookcases, murphy beds, mudrooms, laundry rooms, vanities, library, kitchen islands, home offices, entertainment centers and similar small-scale built-in projects.

Closets $1,200 minimum order

Custom Kitchen Cabinets are not offered.

Commercial Projects:

We offer smaller scale built-in or freestanding millwork for commercial clients; reception desks, table tops, and custom lobby furniture, for example. Minimum order is $1,500.

We do not offer commercial projects requiring significant on-site millwork such as paneling, built-in booths, bars, etc..