Care and Cleaning

Care/Use of your purchase:

  • Any special care instructions amending or in addition to the following care and use instructions will be listed on your delivery invoice. If you no longer have those instructions, feel free to contact Austin Joinery for a copy.


  • Wipe up spills when they occur. Dust with dust cloth, feather duster or soft cloth dampened with water. Polishing or waxing is not required.


  • DO NOT clean with abrasives, household cleaners, ammonia or solvent-based products.


  • ALWAYS use non-porous coasters/trivets under hot, cold or wet items left on the top.


  • ALWAYS use a protective matt when using a laptop or other heat generating device on top of a wood surface. Over time, the heat from these devices can damage the finish and or dry out the underlying wood surface.


  • If you opt to place a protective layer of glass or similar cover over your desktop, dining table, etc.. make sure to place bumpers between the glass and wood surface so condensation does not build up between the two materials.


  • Use felt under items left on the top for prolonged periods of time; particularly plastic or rubber items, as they are known to bond with furniture finishes.


  • Adjustable levelers have been placed on the bottom of the base of your freestanding project to ensure stability on uneven surfaces. Built-in projects have been secured to the wall(s).


  • To maintain the quality of your wood furniture, do not expose it to direct sunlight or excessive temperatures; extreme changes in humidity can cause warping, cracking or joint separation.


  • Some woods such as cherry, alder and mahogany will patina over time. When applicable, we recommend you rotate them annually, so the piece patinas evenly.


  • Abnormal humidity, heat or cold in the home or office may cause splits, cracks, or other issues. Ensure you have a 30-50% humidity range in your home or office; 50F-90F.


  • Solid wood is particularly impacted by heat and humidity fluctuations and will naturally expand and contract which may result in small joint separations or hairline cracks. Please note the warranty exclusions listed in the Statement of Disclaimer we had you review and sign at time of purchase that excludes certain discoloration, expansion and contraction that are naturally occurring events and not related to craftsmanship.


  • Protect your furniture by avoiding direct contact with air conditioning units or heating vents.


  • We discourage any self-help methods to repair scratches, dings or water spots. Always contact us or other professional before attempting any repair.


  • We provide an anti-tip strap with all freestanding dresser and similar purchases that may present a tip hazard. We strongly recommend the use of the provided anti-tip strap at all times. The anti-tip strap must be secured into a stud or similar secure object. Dressers and other multi-drawer items present a tip-over risk when loaded drawers are opened or more than one drawer is opened at one time. Always check the stability of your furniture once the cabinets and drawers are filled.


  • DO NOT climb on or in the furniture, shelves or drawers. Unless we made you a ladder your purchase is not intended for use as a quasi-ladder.


  • Unless noted otherwise on your approved designs or delivery invoice, shelf load capacity is 60 lbs


  • Unless note other on your approved designs or delivery invoice, drawer load capacity is 90lbs dynamic/100lbs static.