Do you have a piece of furniture that is dear to you?

Before and after view of furniture refinishing by Austin Joinery

We can give it the touch-up it needs…



This is our lowest cost option. If you have a piece of furniture with a few scratches, hiring us to do a few touch-ups may be a low cost option to improve the appearance and durability of your furniture. The touch ups will diminish the flaws while keeping cost at a minimum. $


Do you own a good piece of furniture that has seen years of wear? Maybe a few minor scratches. We can apply a new layer of stain and protective finish for you to bring back its appearance. $$


Do you have a great piece of furniture that’s missing a part or lacks something that would make it more functional? Contact us, we can remedy that. $-$$$

Full Restorations

Is your furniture of tremendous sentimental value? Is it built of a material and handcrafted quality that is hard to find these days? Does it have a bunch of scratches that won’t be hidden with a new coat of stain along? Is it missing impossible to find parts? Did that new puppy turn beaver and chew on a leg?

Whether it’s missing parts, scratched, gouged, damaged, chewed on, broken, smashed, or rotted, we can fix it. $$-$$$$

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